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7 Things to Know as a First Time Student Abroad


Are you going to study abroad for the first time? Then get ready to embark on an amazing adventure. Studying abroad will not meant that you will only enrich the baggage of knowledge with what you will get at school, but also through the daily experiences you will have every day. Still, because it will be your first time leaving in a brand new environment, you may want to be properly prepared. After all, this will not be a vacation, as you won’t return home too soon. The following tips should help you cover some of the most important aspects.

  1. Get your documents ready

You won’t be able to leave the country or become a student abroad without a passport, so make sure you have one. Do have in mind that it will have several months for your passport to be ready, so check out what documents you need in order to file a passport request in a timely manner. Also, when you leave, make sure to have a pen along with your passport, as you may need to fill in some papers after your arrival.

  1. Buy your plane tickets in advance

You already know that you’ve been accepted to that university abroad you wanted to go to, so it is time to look for plane tickets. If you want to find them cheaper, try getting them with three months prior to your departure, because the prices are best then. Don’t try getting them sooner than this, because you may end up paying more than necessary.

  1. Pack some comfy walking shoes with you

The best way to get familiar with a place is to walk around it. So get ready for some exploration by having some comfy shoes in your feet. You’ll probably end up walking more than you did in your entire life.

  1. Make arrangements for where you will stay

Study abroad programs that are made to fit foreign students will definitely have some offers when it comes to accommodation. It can be a dorm in the university’s campus, a homestay, or a shared apartment. But, whatever you do, try not to live isolated. Get to know people and mix with the locals and other foreigners at the university, for a great experience.

  1. Don’t forget about health insurance and medication

A health insurance will keep you safe and out of troubles in case you will need medical attention. Also, if you know you need to follow a certain treatment or are in need of particular medicine, talk to your doctor and let him know that you will be away for a while, so he can prescribe a sufficient amount.

  1. Do your best to stay out of trouble

Do have in mind that the legal system of the country you are staying in temporarily may be different from what you are used to. So get familiar with the dos and don’ts of the place, in order to stay on the safe side. If you do something illegal, you can go to jail, and no one will be able to help you, as you will be under a foreign jurisdiction. Also, do have the phone number and address of your embassy somewhere in hand, just in case you have an emergency and you need help.

  1. You may need to buy plug adapters

Believe it or not, you may need some plug adapters to use the plugs in a foreign country, as they may be very different from what you use at home. Check upfront to see what kind of plugs are used in that particular country and buy some adapters if you need them. It will be frustrating not to be able to charge your phone or use your laptop once you arrive.