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Counseling for Children: School & Education Counselling


School advisors help students with techniques that aren’t always immediately visible. They guide students at all educational levels towards college or university and job readiness while motivating them to perform organization success and arrange for the near future. Sometimes, they’re called after to do something as mediators for discord decision involving students, even teachers and parents.

Role and Responsibility of School Counselling & Counselor:

  • Counsel students.
  • Frequent assessment of students’ progress and performance
  • Work with the teachers and Parents
  • Have Awareness programs
  • Evaluate and Improve the counselling program.


Benefits of School Counselling:

  • Easy access for students.
  • Promotes positive peer relations, motivation, time management, conflict resolution, etc .
  • Monitors their academic progress.
  • Improves communication skills.
  • Strengthens positive coping skills.

Ehp.org.uk’s new initiative for school counselling space:

  • Deployment of trained and experienced psychologist in schools
  • Specialized program on child psychology.
  • Record maintenance through app and web.
  • Basic counselling for each student in school.
  • Monthly awareness programs conduction by school counselor