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“Doctor Wooff ” is Here to Help!


When it comes to animal care, many people have a hard time with the basics. Each year in the US, millions of animals are abused or neglected in many different ways. Some is due to malice, but a lot has to do with not knowing better and with plane ignorance of how animals feel and behave.

And this is where Doctor Wooff and his team come into play. He and his team work hard to teach young kids about the proper care of common animal companions. They do so with their book series “Did You Know”, which helps to teach kids age 7-14 a huge variety of facts and information regarding the well-being of animals.

The GoFundMe page for Doctor Wooff’s “Did You Know “ campaign says that:
“Professionals like Phil Arkow, humane educator and chair of the Latham Foundation’s Child Animal Abuse and Family Violence Prevention Project, found that domestic violence issues can be traced back to early childhood, where it all started with animal abuse!

Our mission at “Doctor Wooff’s Animal Hospital” is to help stop any kind of abuse by educating a whole new generation of kids ages 7-14 with our quarterly “Did You Know” book series from Doctor Wooff. Professionals agree that teaching children through cartoon characters will produce lasting memories!”

So helping kids to know proper care of animals can help to drastically reduce the amount of animal victims that are getting harmed . It also helps your kids to be able to form a lasting bond with their animal companion.

Animal abuse is something that does not need to happen, and helping to solve the issue by going to its source may be the best solution!

For more information go to www.doctorwooff.com and don’t forget to sign up for their free newsletter!