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Information about KVO3, NaVO3 & NH4VO3 compounds


Vanadium can ease glucose uptake plus metabolism, facilitate lipid as well as amino acid metabolism, recover thyroid function, as well as improve insulin sensitivity.

Vanadium and Diabetes

Vanadium happens in vanadate plus vanadyl forms that are maximum communal in biological system. Vanadyl sulfate as well as sodium metavanadate NaVO3 plus Ammonium metavanadate NH4VO3 are in usage as supplemental forms.

Pharmacological amounts in human create lipid and glucose metabolism through improving glucose oxidation, glycogen synthesis, as well as hepatic glucose production. Vanadium performs mainly as an insulin mimetic agent, it improves insulin activity plus augmented insulin warmth. Therefore, it aids diabetics to reach their usual blood-glucose level plus stop or postpone diabetes difficulties.

Vanadium mechanism of act

The trace component vanadium has the possessions alike to insulin. Though, the mechanism of act of vanadium in metabolic effect is remaining poorly assumed whether it is straight mimics or somewhat improves insulin effects.
Though diverse studies settle that initiation of the insulin receptor, would affect various insulin signaling trails and might lead to directive of the insulin receptor plus subsequent intracellular signing pathways.

Profits of Vanadium supplements

Numerous studies assessed some profit of the usage of oral vanadium additions in diabetes. Most motivated on the type 2 diabetes, though vanadium moreover has a prospective benefit in type 1 diabetes.

In topics through type 2 diabetes, vanadium augmented insulin warmth as assessed by euglycemic, hyperinsulinemic lock studies. Upsurge in Glucose oxidation plus glycogen synthesis, as well as suppress hepatic glucose production.

In type 1 diabetes, vanadium could not affect insulin sensitivity, though daily insulin doses gradually declined. Steady supplement consumption reduced FBG, HbA1c, plus cholesterol levels.

Vanadium acts alike to insulin in the body, therefore it might help access additional energy. Additionally, it trusts to lessening cholesterol levels as well as promote bone creation.

Recommended dose for Vanadium

There are diverse suggested amounts for vanadium, however it is better to go by low values to get its profits without any needless side effects.

Numerous expert institutes propose taking very lower vanadium dosage that is fewer than 1.5 micrograms of vanadium, is safe toward attain its profits.

Health jeopardies of too much of Vanadium

High doses of vanadium that is further than 1.8 milligrams per day might cause liver otherwise kidney damage.
Common side effect of too much of vanadium comprise stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and gas.

Medication that might interact through Vanadium

Following medicines may interact by vanadium, so refer your health care provider beforehand taking vanadium supplements.

Blood thinning medications such as Anticoagulant otherwise antiplatelet might interact with the vanadium, and its effects increase and so might increase the jeopardy of bleeding.


Vanadium might lower blood sugar levels, thus people on diabetes medicines are at the risk of evolving hypoglycemia and therefore needs to regulate (lower) their medicine dosage.

Natural source of Vanadium

Our body absorbs merely about 5% of the vanadium accessible in the food. The best sources are shellfish, black pepper, mushrooms, parsley, beer, wine, dill weed, and grain.

Chemical method of Vanadium

Vanadium is existed in numerous forms, counting vandal sulfate and vanadate. Vanadyl sulfate is most usually available in nutritious supplements.