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Ultimate Tokaido Gi – Tokaido Gi, Traditional Cut, 100% Brushed Cotton Uniform


Whether you’re learning karate, kung fu, or any other style, the consistent symbolizes your skill. You don’t need to get captured wearing a standard with a stain. Maintaining your outfits clean and in excellent condition doesn’t have to be a task. Most fighting techniques outfits are made of natural cotton or polyester. These often come in three weights-lightweight, middleweight, and heavyweight. Light-weight outfits are appropriate for first-timers especially children, as they are light enough for an individual to go. Middleweight outfits are somewhat thicker but aren’t durable for advanced students. Heavyweight outfits are usually for trainers and manufactured from 100 percent natural cotton. These outfits feel just like canvas and have to be cleaned many times to soften the fabric. But they are durable enough to last to get more than a decade. So how is it possible to take proper care of your standard? Tokaido Traditional Gi – Below are a few tips.

Presoak It

Presoaking your even will keep your oven clean. After an extreme work out, don’t clean your standard immediately. Instead, fill a large bucket with warm water then add a capful of heavy duty laundry detergent plus a cup of baking soda. Soak your uniform for at least an hour. If you can, soak it overnight before washing the uniform. But before you presoak your uniform, you should check if drinking water in your home is soft or hard. If it’s the latter, it’ll be harder to completely clean your even because hard drinking water has excess nutrients that can make detergents less effective in getting rid of garden soil. If that’s the situation you should add drinking water conditioner to your presoak bucket.


You might be tempted to use chlorine bleach on white uniforms if there’s stain. But don’t utilize it if you have a polyester or natural cotton/polyester uniform as it could harm the materials. White polyester fibers have a yellowish inner primary that can react with chlorine bleach, harming the material along the way. It can especially remove the outer level of the fibers, boring and completely making the fabric yellowish. You should also think twice about using chlorine bleach on cotton uniforms. It can weaken the fiber of cotton, causing excess wear in the process. Also, patches and embroidery on a standard can be destroyed by chlorine bleach.

So what is the best solution to removing stains on your martial arts uniform? Mix oxygen-based bleach and cool water. Refer to the package instructions of the bleach on how much bleach you should mix for every gallon of water. Then submerge the uniform on this solution and soak it for a minimum of eight hours. After that, check the stain and color of the uniform. If the staining has been removed and the color looks whiter and even brighter, then proceed to wash the uniform. If the situation is still there, mix a new solution and do it again. It can take a few soakings more to remove the staining and restore the whiteness of the uniform but stay patient-this solution has been proven effective in removing stains.

When washing the uniform, never wash it with other clothes. This way, you can avoid dye transfer as well as wear and tear from zippers, buttons, and other embellishments. Once the uniform has been pre-soaked, fill the washer with warm water. Put detergent, but not fabric softener because it can lessen the ability of the uniform to absorb perspiration. Don’t put hot water as it can cause the uniform to shrink. And when you eventually progress in training and gain a colored belt, don’t wash the belt with your white standard.

Don’t put your even in the clothes dryer as well because the high temperature can lead it to shrink. This may also cause the stain to create in. Instead, just allow it to hang dried out. Sunlight will keep the cotton even white with the bleaching properties of ultraviolet rays. But what do you do if there are bloodstream stains? To eliminate bloodstream stains, use cool water instead. Using warm water can only result in blood stains to create in, which makes it nearly impossible to remove.

Presoak the even as suggested earlier. If it doesn’t work, inspect the even before placing it in the washer. Treat the rest of the discolorations with a pre-treater. You can even rub in added detergent.


When you have a fighting techniques uniform manufactured from pure cotton, it’ll surely wrinkle after air drying. In ironing the even, choose the best setting (natural cotton setting up) and use an ironing plank. Focus on the trousers and then iron the legs so that the creases will be at the side of the legs, and not the front. Then iron the top or jacket as if it was a t-shirt, with its creases running down the outside of the sleeves.